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Infrastructure is a crucial part of development. It reinforces the economy and delivers the services that are essential, At Cainergy, we create innovative public and private infrastructure design solutions in a cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable way by pushing our creative and design boundaries.

Sustainable infrastructure design

At Cainergy we create sustainable infrastructure design to reduce the life cycle cost of the structure and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Offshore onshore accommodation design

We provide client specific single-lift and modular e-houses, living quarters and multi-purpose buildings to the onshore and offshore oil & gas and petrochemical industries.

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Successful Projects

Within 5 years, we are proud to have successfully delivered over 40+ projects across various regions and terrains both offshore and onshore across the value chain from upstream to midstream and downstream.



Our safety record is impeccable and that makes us stand out. We are committed to working safely and upholding high standards that focus on keeping our people, the environment and all stake holders safe everywhere we operate.

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Our passion is taking our clients’ dreams and desires from concept to the market. On all projects we undertake, we are focused on understanding our client’s needs and developing solutions tailored to those needs thereby making their dreams a reality. While seeking to identify all associated risks that might be encountered across project life cycles, we also ensure we incorporate the latest design changes managing cost and schedule plans we committed to. With our multidisciplinary engineering team comprising of diverse skills including surface and subsurface expertise, we undertake complete Engineering from feasibility studies, concept development to FEED for greenfield and brownfield development both offshore and onshore. We are focused on Value Engineering; therefore, we drive cost-effective concepts which ensure safety and quality.

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