SubDrill Services Limited, a subsidiary of Cainergy Group specializing in drilling and mining exploration, is thrilled to announce the new facelift FSIV Elizabeth. This vessel is designed to meet the growing demand in the oil and gas sector and to ensure the delivery of top-notch services. Subdrill Services has a team of skilled professionals in various fields, such as Oil and Gas, Mining, Engineering, Quality Management, and more.

The FSIV Elizabeth is Subdrill’s first fast intervention support vessel. With an overall length of 50 meters, a carrying capacity of 80 people on board, and a gross weight of 56 tons, this vessel is equipped to handle the demands of offshore drilling and production operations. Fast Support Vessels (FSIVs) like the Elizabeth play a crucial role in the logistics chain due to their speed and versatility.

Specifically designed for emergency replenishment and rapid team transit, the FSIV Elizabeth offers high adaptability for transferring and distributing bulk liquids such as fuel oil and water. It prioritizes safety during transportation and provides a swift response to crises from offshore to onshore rigs in the upstream industry. This acquisition reflects Cainergy’s commitment to meeting industry needs and delivering efficient solutions.


Fast intervention support vessel