Over the years, our investment and interest in the mining industry has continued to grow. Our Mining Services ranges from grass-roots exploration to advanced resource definition drill-outs. This includes data compilations & reviews, target generation, program design and planning, budgeting, drill supervision, logistics, project management, and implementation.

Our exploration teams are up to speed with the latest Mining techniques and are well trained, well equipped, and well informed.

Safe Operations

We implement operating philosophies and design strategies that assure safe underground and above-ground operations.

Supporting Mines

Over the years, we have developed specific asset management solutions tailored for the mining industry. Supporting all kinds of assets and equipment, our asset management services are designed to ensure reliability of critical equipment.

Fixed Plant

We systematically identify and priorities’ opportunities to improve feed mix, throughput and yield.

Surface operations are often major process bottlenecks. Our approach systematically diagnoses opportunities to improve feedmix, throughput and yield (recovery) leading to the implementation of a pipeline of improvement ideas.

Contract Mining

We help our clients to manage their contracts and contractors better, to improve their performance and, when a change to either insourcing or outsourcing is being considered, to make an informed decision, and to plan for the transition and to execute it successfully.

We ensure our client and their contract miner to achieve a 33% increase in production. This is based on designing and coaching a sustainable routine of daily reviews that provided actionable feedback and embedding these reviews in daily behaviors and routines. In addition, we enabled the client to reduce unit cost by 6% – reversing a history where higher production hours (with higher costs) were used to make up for shortfalls on inputs such as fleet dig rate.

Fleet maintenance management

Fleet maintenance has a powerful impact on the achievement of production goals. Additionally, the maintenance budget is often the biggest area of controllable spending in a mining operation.

We have worked extensively in the organizational design and operation of heavy vehicle workshops – our maintenance experts are knowledgeable in best practices and benchmark performance, for all equipment types, in both hard-rock and coal mining.

Support services

Whether it is faster recruiting to reduce manning bottlenecks, lower flight and accommodation costs or eliminating stock-outs of critical spares, we know how to improve support services. Our team will draw on the experience of our experts and approaches that have been successfully implemented with our clients around the world.

Far reaching results

Safe and Sustainable mining is our goal

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