The commencement of the Ohaji South Remote Oil Manifold Expansion Project marked the initiation of a collaborative venture between Cainergy and SEPLAT. The kick-off meeting set the stage, highlighting crucial aspects such as procurement, construction, and installation methods. Recognizing the importance of transparent communication, all parties committed to maintaining a continuous circulation of Project Progress and addressing any issues that might impact the project schedule.

The establishment of a dedicated Project Progress meeting between the Client and Contractor played a pivotal role in ensuring clarity on all aspects of the project. This forum became instrumental in resolving any uncertainties, facilitating collaboration, and achieving expected results.

The multifaceted commencement of project activities included the full initiation of both Pre-mob of equipment and Engineering design activities. Deliverables from these activities underwent rigorous review, documentation, and approval by the client. Despite delays faced by the subcontractor responsible for end-to-end project delivery, Cainergy, handling the project management scope, provided crucial support in recovering lost time through an enabling and flexible pre-mobilization exercise that adhered to laydown procedures.

Engaging with the host community of Ohaji was another integral facet of initiating the project. A fruitful FTO engagement ensured active participation from all stakeholders, resulting in a settled and engaged host community, a significant milestone.

The successful installation and commissioning of the first manifold paved the way for the commencement of the second manifold’s Procurement and construction. Challenges in the procurement of materials and the relocation of the fabrication yard were addressed with support from Cainergy, allowing the fast-tracking of the schedule.

The second manifold’s construction, completed without reworks, entered the pre-commissioning stage, enabling surface preparation and painting after thorough NDT result reviews. All parties agreed that the completed manifold would be delivered to SEPLAT’s warehouse at Amukpe pending future installation needs.

The Ohaji South Remote Oil Manifold Expansion Project stands as a testament to collaboration, adaptability, and overcoming challenges. As we celebrate these milestones, we recognize the dedication and efforts of all parties involved in achieving the successful completion of this significant project.

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