Compliance Questionnaire

Please fill in the information requested below as completely and as accurately as possible.

Please provide a copy of your company registration


Your Company Ownership and Management

Ownership percentages must total 100%. If publicly traded list each shareholder holding 5% or more individually).
Who will manage your company's relationship with Cainergy, have decision making authority and be involved with projects involving Cainergy.

Your Company’s Financial Statements

Does your Company have audited financial statements for the past three years (or for years since inception) *

Your Company Compliance Program

Does your company have a Code of Conduct or similar document? *
Has the Code of Conduct been distributed to your employees? *
Are there documents (equivalent of Standards and Guidelines) in place to support your Company Code of Conduct or equivalent and policies? *
Does your Company have a corporate policy which prohibits Facilitation payments? If not, under which circumstances would the policy allow for making Facilitation payments? *
Is there a communications program in place to demonstrate tone-at-the-top commitment to your Company ethics and compliance program? *
Does your Company have policies addressing business ethics and conflicts of interest? *
Does your Company have a policy addressing antitrust and competition issues? *
Does your Company have a formal Ethics & Compliance Training Program? Is it tailored to all levels of the organization? *
Does your Company have reporting mechanisms available to employees, shareholders, or third parties for reporting illegal or unethical behavior regarding your company? *

Laws and Customs of the Country

Is your Company required by law to be licensed to perform the services under the proposed partnership with Cainergy, and, if so, are you or your Company properly licensed?

Anticorruption Awareness


Has your Company, any affiliate company, or any of its owners, directors or Key Employees ever been suspended from doing business, charged with, convicted of or alleged to have been engaged in or is there any pending or threatened claims, litigation or regulatory investigations related to any fraud, bribery, misrepresentation, violation of the Nigeria Corrupt Practices
Has your Company, any affiliate company or any Key Employee ever been debarred, prohibited or otherwise banned from bidding on Government contracts or tenders in the country in which your Company conducts business?

Government Relationships

2. Are you or any of your Company’s employees former Government Officials?
3. Do any of your Company's employees have family members who are Government Officials?
4. Are any Government Officials involved in any other way in your Company's business?


 The undersigned, being duly authorized to respond to this Compliance Questionnaire on behalf of ............and to certify as to the matters set forth below, hereby certifies as follows:

  • To the best of my knowledge, all information provided here is accurate and complete; and
  • Your Company will notify Cainergy in writing within 30 days if any of the information provided changes.
  • Your Company consents to a Cainergy representative making such inquiries as they may consider necessary to verify the information contained in this questionnaire, and to collect, process, store, and transfer, including transfer to select third parties, such information in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

If your Company enters into an agreement to do work with Cainergy or a Cainergy - controlled entity, your Company agrees that:

  • Neither your Company, its officers, directors, employees nor anyone else acting on behalf of your Company will offer, pay, or promise to pay anything of value to a Government Official, Cainergy Staff or Cainergy’s Client in connection with any work done on behalf of Cainergy covered by that agreement; and
  • Your Company will certify their agreement to abide by Cainergy's Code of Conduct and related policies and