Construction of Camp Site with Block Wall Fencing for Owu 1 Project

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Construction of Camp Site with Block Wall Fencing

Seplat East Onshore Limited commissioned Cainergy International Limited to deliver the construction of its camp site with block wall fencing for the Owu 1 Project in Imo State, Nigeria. The project is aimed at delivering the construction of the block wall in a safe, timely, and quality manner, ensuring all safety protocols are adhered to.
Cainergy will be responsible for mobilizing adequate resources, which include equipment, personnel, and materials. With our team of HSE officers and engineers offering quality control and laboratory testing services, base preparation and earthworks, construction of perimeter drains and evacuation pits, and a block wall fence.

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Construction and Fabrication Works

The project's scope included site preparations and earthworks, base preparations and asphalting of the location, perimeter drains, evacuation pits at the camp, generators and diesel slabs, as well as the fabrication and installation of a double-leaf steel pipe gate and the supply of high-yield steel reinforcement bars.


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