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HSE Competencies For Process Optimization and Cost Control

The training unit of Petroleum Equalization fund (PEF), commissioned Cainergy International Limited to organize a workshop & Capacity building program on Health Safety and Environment Competencies for Process Optimization and cost for a select group of staff of the company. The program was conducted over two batches in line with Covid 19 safety guidelines of Nigeria Centre for Disease control (NCDC) and World health Organization (WHO). The training was delivered by a certified HSE professional and practitioner in line with best practice for training delivery.

Designed and delivered to enable participant acquire skills, knowledge, and key competencies to support the organization on HSE competency


Enhancement of process optimisation for desired safety culture

The training was designed and delivered to enable participant acquire skills, knowledge, key competencies, and desires to support the organization and describe the roles of employees, contractors, safety leaders, employers on HSE competency programs. Contribution to safety performance improvement, through skill enhancement and competency assessment program effectiveness.


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