Completion of NNPC E&P Limited Contract: Repair of Flowlines Tapped Points in OML 40; Opuama

Projects / Completion of NNPC E&P Limited Contract: Repair of Flowlines Tapped Points in OML 40; Opuama
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Repair of Flowlines Tapped Points

The successful completion of the project for NNPC E&P Limited marks a significant achievement for Cainergy International Limited. Commencing on June 3, 2022, the project aimed at repairing tapped points on the Op 10S and Op 7T flowlines, crucial components of the OML 40 Opuama Flow Station. Despite encountering an unexpected clamped point on the 10S flowline, the project was completed within an impressive eight-day timeframe, surpassing the initial ten-day projection.
The project addressed flowline damage caused by unidentified community oil bunkers, emphasizing the need for prompt and effective repairs to restore functionality and boost daily production capacity. Cainergy Group’s commitment to safety was evident throughout the project, with the implementation of a robust Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Quality (HSSEQ) management system, in alignment with NNPC E&P Limited’s stringent HSE requirements. The result was a flawless safety record, recording zero HSSE incidents over the course of 1,092 man-hours.
A notable discovery during the project was the identification of an unexpected clamped point on the Opuama Well 10S Flowline. Cainergy Group promptly communicated this finding to NNPC E&P Limited, obtaining approval for an additional scope of work to address the issue. The swift execution of the supplementary work showcased the flexibility and responsiveness of Cainergy Group in handling unforeseen challenges.
This successful project completion not only highlights Cainergy Group’s dedication to delivering exceptional services in the energy sector but also emphasizes its ability to meet and exceed the highest safety and quality standards. By enhancing the operational efficiency of OML 40, Cainergy Group has demonstrated its expertise in managing complex projects within stringent timelines, solidifying its position as a reliable and capable partner in the energy industry.

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Repair Works

The completion of the repair works elevates operational efficiency at OML 40, highlighting Cainergy's proficiency in handling intricate projects within tight timelines.


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