Over the past decade, asset integrity management has become crucial for several companies around the world. Companies especially in the oil and gas industry where many have assets that are becoming old and gradually deteriorating or decomposing and are therefore in special need of asset integrity management. Cainergy International Limited over the past years has been delivering value and excellence in asset integrity management through its competent manpower and processes, to deliver projects.

 What comes to mind when you read “Asset Integrity Management”

Asset Integrity Management (AIM) is a term used to describe the practice of managing an asset (power plant, oil rig, refinery, etc.) through its people, systems and processes to enable an asset to deliver its function over the life cycle of the asset. AIM applies to the entirety of an asset’s operation, from its design phase to its decommissioning and replacement. Cainergy International Limited provides asset integrity management, training, procurement and construction services.

Why need Asset Integrity management?

Failure to maintain the integrity of a businesses’ vessels, tanks, pipelines, oil and gas infrastructures and other assets has potential side effects on humans, environment and financials. The principal industry served by AIM providers is upstream oil and gas.  The AIM market is primarily driven by increasing investment in the oil and gas sector to meet the escalating global demand.  Other leading industries for AIM include refining, electrical power generation (such as steam), and chemicals.

An asset integrity management system does not exist in isolation. To successfully implement an asset integrity management system in a dynamic operating environment, it is essential that all stakeholders have a consistent and a unified understanding of what the essentials of asset integrity are and how they can be applied in their day-to-day operations, yet this is often cited as among the most significant challenge in achieving the mainstreaming of a robust AIM culture within an organization. Cainergy provides this as part of its core services, to ensure long-term implementation and sustainability. Cainergy’s core services include Asset integrity management, Engineering, Training, procurement, Construction etc.  Therefore, Cainergy is well positioned to support businesses at different aspects of their life cycle, to deliver value.