Energy & Renewables

As the world faces serious energy challenges, the development and implementation of renewable energy technologies become increasingly important.

Cainergy derives clean Renewable energy through natural sources like Solar (photovoltaic, solar thermal), windraintideswaves, geothermal heat, biofuels & hydrogen fuel.  These are replenished constantly. We are also into emerging technologies like wave & tidal power.

Our Energy Applications

Through our innovative renewable energy solutions, we generate electricity, water heating/cooling, transportation & rural (Off-grid) purposes.

Increasing efficiency and developing renewable sources of energy

Renewable energy are environmental and economic benefits which include:

·       No greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels.

·       Reduction of air pollution.

·       Diversifying energy supply.

·       Reducing dependence on imported fuels.

·       Cost savings spent on fossils fuels.

Energy & Renewables
for a sustainable future

Increasing efficiency and developing renewable energy.

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