Crude Oil is a stable financial instrument for hedgers, traders and investors around the globe and one of the most significant resources in the world. Keeping up with the crude markets requires a keen attention to detail as well as patience in what is typically a volatile industry.
Petroleum products power virtually all motor vehicles, aircraft, marine vessels, and trains around the globe. In total, products derived from oil, such as motor gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, and heating oil, supply 33% of all the energy consumed by households, businesses, and manufacturers worldwide. By way of comparison, natural gas and coal supply 22% and 28%, respectively, of the world’s energy needs.
As an organization, NMDPRA will benefit through skills that participants gain and apply in their workspace. The organisation will be able to defines how innovations in oil & gas energy and renewables help drive economic growth and improve living standards worldwide, likewise clarifies how we can achieve these high-efficiency goals while delivering value to shareholders
By the end of this training staff of NMDPRA will learn to Gain the business acumen of the wide-ranging subjects of upstream production to the downstream sales, marketing, and trading of crude oil, refined and renewable products. Understand the critical crude oil pricing dynamics and the use of crude oil benchmarks. Develop the price-risk management strategies using the hedging instruments and reduce the overall risk of the Petroleum Industry and maximize the value chain profitability