Cainergy Group, through SubDrill Services Limited, announced the purchase of a fast conventional support vessel. SubDrill Servicers is an indigenous drilling and mining exploration company, driven by an agile and resourceful team of professionals in Oil and Gas, Mining, Engineering, Quality Management, and other key sectors, which leverages on our industry knowledge and global reach to deliver tailored services to our clients. Subdrill is also an innovative and leading drilling technology with a growing knowledge of mining operations across multiple climes

Subdrill has acquired its first fast intervention support vessel, the FSIV Elizabeth, in order to meet the rising demand in the oil and gas sector while also ensuring the delivery of high-quality services. The vessel has an overall length of 50m, a carrying capacity of 80 POB, and a gross weight of 56tons. Fast Support Vessels FSIV have become an integral component of the logistics chain for offshore drilling and production operations due to their speed and versatility.

The vessel is especially intended for emergency replenishment and reaction team transit. It also has a high degree of adaptability, allowing for the transfer and distribution of bulk liquids such as fuel oil and water. Among other things the vessel has the greatest level of safety for the transportation, and also provides rapid response to crises from offshore to onshore rigs in the upstream industry.

One of the company’s strategic aims is to position itself in the oil and gas sector. As a result, there is a need to promote market development in offshore transportation services, anticipating the industry’s demand for vessels. The fundamental reason for this acquisition is the expansion of oil and gas exploration operations, as well as other considerations such as increased worldwide investments in the oil and gas industry.

This is only the beginning of many more achievements by SubDrill Services as it is committed to providing expertise and consultation on drilling and completion services, exploration and production, marine and logistics services, as well as offshore procurement services to clients across the oil and gas and mining sectors with the best in-house operations.