Subdrill Services Limited, a subsidiary of Cainergy Group, continues to surpass expectations as the subsidiary was recently awarded a contract from Energy Link Infrastructure Limited in a joint venture with Eroton for the provision of water treatment and disposal services for OML 18.

Subdrill is to provide the treatment plant that operates on the gravitational principle to treat produced water to less than 30 ppm and dispose of it offshore within Egaspin standards for offshore water disposal.

In the produced water treatment system, solid particles are allowed to sink to the bottom of a vessel while oily wastewater is passed between corrugated inclined plates using the Coalescer separation technique and the API separation method.

The oil rises to the top of the separator while the suspended particles drop to the bottom as a sediment layer. The cleaned wastewater sits in the centre of the separator between the oil layer and the solids layer. While the treated water is transported into the water storage barge for eventual disposal offshore using shuttle barges, the oil is piped back to the crude dehydration unit using the oil recovery pumps.

OML 18, covers approximately a total area of 1,035 sq KM in onshore swamp terrain, is located to the south of Port Harcourt and contains 11 oil and gas fields, of which 8 are operational.

Over the years of its existence, Subdrill has delved into several projects, provided consultancy for upstream activities, and partnered with industry-experienced companies to gain traction in the industry. The company is driven by an agile, resourceful, and experienced team of professionals servicing the oil, gas, and mining industries. We leverage our industry knowledge and global reach to deliver tailored and innovative services to our clients.