There is a concept that is very popular amongst Coaches, Managers, leadersteam building experts and the likes, it is the concept of a people “speaking one language”, of course not literally. The concept alludes to a people with a uniformity of operation, purposeObjectives, goals or set of rules. In the financial world the operational language is called IFRS 

The “mythical” tower of Babel presents a perfect case study of the power of one language. What an ingenious way to bring a project to an abrupt halt, imagine the confusion at the tower. A multi-billiondollar skyscraper project, midway to completion and suddenly all the project teams couldn’t make out what the other was saying.  

This is what happens when your organisation doesn’t understand the IFRS global financial language. It may mean that your teams could be speaking the loudest but your partners around the world can’t seem to understand the language they are speaking. In other words, your people may not be fully aware of the global financial language called IFRS. This is where Cainergy Training Services can also help your organisation speak one language with the rest of the world when it comes to IFRS. 

CTwould like to congratulate the joint team of participants from the office of the Group General Manager accounts, NNPC and those from the office of the Auditor General (AG) of Nigeria, for the successful completion of their 3-day IFRS training in the beautiful city of Kigali, Rwanda.  

We know that the insight gained will definitely impact positively on your respective organisations, we look forward to hosting you to yet another value driven training as soon as possible. 

WHY your Organisation should be next in-line for this training

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) sets common rules so that financial statements can be consistent, transparent, and comparable around the world. The system was established to create a common accounting language so that businesses and their financial statements can be consistent and reliable from company to company and country to country.  

 Is your organisation speaking the right financial language? If not, we would love to be of service, contact us today!